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How do I qualify to play the Friends of Plane Saver Lottery?

In order to take part in the Friends of Plane Saver Lottery, you must first be a member of Plane Saver Credit Union. You can join Plane Saver online at

Once a member you can then chose to join the lottery, paying for your tickets as part of your regular Plane Saver deduction.

How much does it cost to play?

To play the Friends of Plane Saver Lottery, we allocate you a unique number upon joining. This number is then entered into our monthly draw. It costs £1 per number, which you pay every month. You can have between 1-10 tickets per month.

What are the prizes?

Friends of Plane Saver hold a monthly draw, with three cash prizes.

1st Place: £1,000

2nd Place: £500

3rd Place: £250

We also hold an annual special prize draw with lump sum cash prizes.

When is the draw?

The draw is held at the end of every month.

Who does the draw?

The draw is overseen by the Friends of Plane Saver Trustees. These are volunteer trustees, who run the lottery on behalf of Friends of Plane Saver.

They are Plane Saver Credit Union members.

How do I know if I have won the Friends of Plane Saver Lottery?

The Friends of Plane Saver trustees will contact you, to let you know if you have won the lottery.

Due to data protection, we do not publish the names of the lottery winners online, but we do post their membership numbers and relevant prize.

How do I stop playing the lottery?

You can cancel the lottery by amending your payroll deduction online via: https://www.friendsofplanesave...

Who runs the Friends of Plane Saver Lottery?

The Friends of Plane Saver Lottery is overseen by a group of volunteer trustees. You can learn more about the trustees via: https://www.friendsofplanesave...

'Friends of Plane Saver' is a separate entity to Plane Saver Credit Union.

How do I contact Friends of Plane Saver?

You can contact Friends of Plane Saver by emailing

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